Snow Fox Skincare Reusable Bamboo Make Up Removal Pads


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An easy-to-use and sensitive skin-friendly cotton pad/makeup wipe alternative from Snow Fox Skincare that can last for months (or years) without an issue. Use it to wipe off cream or clay masks, for drying, or even for washing off stubborn makeup residue without being too rough on the eyelids.


    • Double-layered for extra durability
    • Gentle enough for Babies & Sensitive Skin
    • Bamboo dries faster, has natural anti-bacterial, UV protectant properties and strong tensile strength while organic cotton boosts absorbency and adds a soft, silky texture
    • Reusable up to hundreds of washes
    • Helps gently exfoliate skin during washing
    • Stitched border for added protection from fraying
    • Applies toner or essences hands-free
    • Remove makeup or clay mask residue easily
    • Comes with an Organic Cotton Mesh Bag; simply put the used Facial Rounds in this mesh bag for machine wash and dryer. Durable enough to reuse up to 500 times & biodegradable
    • No plastic microfiber pollution – keeps our waters clean! (Thank you)

To Use- This easy-to-use facial cloth can be used:

  • To dry face after cleansing
  • To wipe away excess masking residue
  • To exfoliate & cleanse the face
  • To gently wipe hard-to-reach eye areas without irritation
  • To apply toner

Care- Place the Facial Rounds in the mesh bag and drop them into the laundry basket for laundry day. You can also place them in a bra or lingerie bag. Do not bleach. 

Size- 7.87 in x 7.87 in

Pads: 70% Natural Bamboo Fibers, 30% Organic Cotton

Mesh Bag: 100% Organic Cotton, Wood Component


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