Rael Invisible Spot Cover


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Introducing the Invisible Spot Cover from Rael, your effortless skin care solution for daytime acne treatment. Apply a pimple patch to your blemish and let the hydrocolloid absorb excess oil and pus while protecting your skin against dirt so it can heal and flatten. Because your face doesn’t have a “Delete” button for acne, using an acne blemish patch is easier, faster, and more effective at healing pimples than popping them (which, FYI, spreads acne bacteria to nearby pores or deeper into your skin, inviting more breakouts and future scarring). Dermatologist tested.

To Use- Apply patch to cleansed pimple for minimum 4-8 hours or until it turns white. Peel off and embrace clarity!

Size- 24 patches- 12 count: 10mm patches, 12 count: 12mm patches

Hydrocolloid (Cellulose Gum, Polyisoprene, Polyisobutene)


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