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Reach weight loss goals faster, reduce cortisol levels, and detox the body through the simple effect of superfoods! Ashwagandha, the main ingredient in Green Juice from Organifi, is clinically proven to reduce cortisol which reduces stress and food “cravings” and helps to achieve weight loss goals. Green Juice is great any time, but it’s best when you first wake up. That’s because of a hormone called cortisol (the “stress hormone”). In the morning, your cortisol levels are peaked, getting you ready to face the day. But our modern lifestyles keep it peaked much longer than normal, due to stress, toxins, sugar, and more. With a morning reset using ashwagandha and other superfoods, your daily cortisol levels settle and normalize, helping you avoid negative effects like cravings for sweets or that afternoon crash. Your body loves it, and you will too!

To use- Add 1 serving (1 packet) to 8-10 oz of water or combine with beverage of choice, mix & enjoy

Size- 4.95 oz / 139.5 g (15 packets)

Organic Ashwagandha (Root) Extract (KSM 66), Organic Wheat (Grass) Juice Powder, Organic Moringa (Leaf) Powder, Organic Coconut (Fruit) Water Powder

Alkalizing Greens Blend- Organic Wheat (Grass) Powder, Organic Spirulina (Whole Plant) Powder, Organic Chlorella (Whole Plant Powder, Organic Lemon (Fruit) Powder, Organic Red Beet (Root) Powder, Organic Matcha Green Tea (Leaf) Powder, Organic Turmeric (Root) Extract

Other Ingredients- Organic Prebiotic Powder (from Tapioca Starch), Organic Natural Orange Flavor with Other Natural Flavors, Organic Mint Flavors with Other Natural Flavors, Organic Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit) Extract

Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)


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