Kitsch Extra Large Quick-Dry Hair Towel Wrap in Terracotta Checker


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Looking to cut your hair drying time in half and reduce frizz? If so, check out this microfiber hair towel from Kitsch! These luxuriously soft microfiber hair towels are gentle for your skin and hair, drastically reducing dry time all while absorbing excess moisture from the hair post-shower. Simply flip upside down, put wet hair in, twist, and let it work its magic! This hair towel accommodates all hair lengths while providing comfort during your post-shower routines.


  • Cuts hair drying time in half!
  • Soft microfiber material is gentle on all hair types.
  • Helps tame frizz & reduce hair breakage.
  • Stretch elastic trim creates an easy pocket to accommodate all hair lengths.
  • Packaging functions as a reusable waterproof travel pouch.
  • Chemical-free & fully biodegradable.

To Use- Flip head over, letting hair fall toward the ground. Place towel with elastic strap at nape of neck. Wrap towel around hair, twisting tightly downward from forehead. Flip head up & tuck towel ends through the elastic strap for a secure hold.

Size- 40″ x 24″


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