Himalayan Secrets Massaging Stone in Egg Set


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These Himalayan Massage Stones from Himalayan Secrets are hand-made using simple carving techniques out of the purest Himalayan Salt Rocks. This grounding crystal is ideal for hand sanitizing, Salt body rub, and warming massage stone. Exfoliates skin leaving a smooth silky texture. Cleans pores and helps remove acne.

To Heat- Massage Stones can be warmed up in a Microwave for about 30 seconds. Himalayan Salt can hold heat for over an hour. Can also be warmed up on a skillet. Set heat on LOW. Do not Heat excessively or injury may occur. Should be warm enough to hold in hands.

To Use- Simply grab a massage stone after it has been warmed up and roll/rub over parts of the neck or shoulders. This could be done while watching TV or reading a book and you will slowly notice the ease of tense muscles. For foot pain- keep two balls or stones on floor and roll/ hold with your feet. Helps relax feet for those who don’t have time for a foot soak. For Back- after the Himalayan Massage stones have warmed up, have a partner add a few drops of massage oil and roll over back. Himalayan salt also exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth while helping release tense muscle pain.

To Clean- Salt is Anti-bacterial. No extensive cleaning necessary. Use non-toxic cleaners if very oily, otherwise, simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Do not rinse under water- Salt will disintegrate.

Included-  3 egg-shaped stones with a  cotton bag

Size-4-5ozs each


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