Global Healing Oregano Oil


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With a rich history spanning thousands of years, Oregano has been revered as a potent ally, empowering your immune, digestive, and respiratory systems while fortifying your body’s defenses against harmful intruders. This unique concoction from Global Healing merges the organic virtues of Mediterranean oregano oil, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, refreshing peppermint oil, and fiery cayenne extract. The outcome is a quick-acting vegetable capsule, offering you the convenience of harnessing the curative prowess of this robust herb, no matter where you are. Embrace the Oregano Oil Liquid Capsules as a constant in your wellness arsenal, conveniently stowed in your go-bag or pantry for a comprehensive, year-round health routine.

Best For- Anyone looking to strengthen immune and respiratory health.

To Use- Take 2 capsules with food once daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Size- 60 Capsules

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