Ginger June Candle Co. Gua Sha Facial Stone in Jade


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Say hello to a great new addition to your skincare routine! Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Facial Gua Sha as an ancient healing technique that visibly rejuvenates the skin through light pulling + lifting massage motions using a smooth gemstone tool. Using this Gua Sha Stone from Ginger June Candle Co. will regularly work with the skin to support and optimize the body’s own reparative functions by promoting lymphatic drainage, calming the nervous system, relieving muscle tension & tightness, breaking up congestion & buildup, + increasing the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin. This practice aids in detoxifying, depuffing, softening fine lines + wrinkles, sculpting facial muscles, brightening skin tone, releasing tension and improving the overall health of the skin.

To Use- Fist cleanse the skin. Then apply a serum or oil. Pull upward at a 15-degree angle, using light pressure. You can incorporate more medium/firm pressure on specific areas where you carry more tension to relieve stagnation (jaw, etc). Avoid active acne breakouts and work around inflammation instead of directly over it to stimulate healing. Wiggle stone slightly at the end of each step to stimulate flow and release tension.

Care- Wash with warm + soapy water after each use.


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