Daily Habits Face Cupping Kit


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Have you tried cupping?  This Face Cupping Kit from Daily Habits is designed to target and stimulate the muscles of the face. This kit comes with two cups. The large cup is best for the chin, jaw, and cheekbones, while the small cup is best for the forehead, eyebrows, and under-eye area. Facial Cupping is a holistic practice designed to stimulate the muscles and skin of the face. By lightly suctioning the skin, blood circulation is promoted which helps relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation, activate lymphatic drainage, and promote cell repair.

Skin Type- Oily, dry, and aging skin.

To Use- Day or night, right after doing a full skincare routine. Apply a face oil to help the cups glide smoothly, and glide them all over the face, outwards.

Glass and Rubber Bulb Cupping Cup.


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