Conscious Coconut Organic Coffee Lip Scrub


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This small batch of Organic Lip Scrub is made with a blend of softening shea butter, moisturizing coconut oil, and exfoliating sugar & coffee grinds to buff away flaky lips and hydrate all day long. This coffee lip scrub from Conscious Coconut does not need to be rinsed and is a one-stop shop for smooth, supple & caffeinated lips. The combination of coconut oil & shea butter leaves your lips moisturized for hours!

To Use- Apply a scoop of sugar scrub onto clean, dry lips and gently massage it over your lips. Repeat three-four times a week for best results.

Size- 2 oz.

Organic Ground Kona Coffee Organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil Organic Sugar Organic Coconut Milk Powder Organic, Fair Trade Shea Butter Vanilla & Coffea Arabica Essential Oils


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