CHEL BODY Face Gua Sha in Dalmatian Jade


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Have you tried Gua Sha yet? If not, look at this stunning option from CHEL BODY. Designed to help contour facial muscles, rejuvenate circulation, reduce swelling, and enhance skin appearance. Jade is a naturally cool stone, no refrigeration is needed to experience the refreshing and relieving effects on your skin.

To Use- Apply your favorite lotion or oil to the face before use. Gentle strokes using moderate pressure, 4-8 strokes per area. Begin at the neck working upward towards the forehead.

To promote facial lymphatic drainage, use as follows:

  • Neck -upward towards the jawline
  • Jawline- outward from the chin to ear
  • Cheeks- upward from lips to ear
  • Eyes- outward from under the eye temple, upward across crow’s feet
  • Brow Bone- outward from the third eye to end of the brow
  • Forehead- upward from brow bone to hairline


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