Bop Pop Pets Poop Bag Holder in Pink Quartz Stripe


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These poop bag holders from Bop Pop Pets are perfect for your daily walks, strolls, or travel. Never forget your poop bags! Dispensers attach to any leash, any size. It’s also convenient to clip onto your walking bag, tote, or dog carrier.  This ultra-lightweight poop bag holder is made with a sturdy snap-on, 360° swivel carabiner. also, includes a zipper closure for easy waste-bag replacement. Water-proof canvas, for easy clean-ups. Just snap on to hook onto any size leash or bag!

Size- Bag size (approx.): 3.5in l x2in w x 2in h | Swivel carabiner size: 0.5in w x 2in l (3/8″ opening) | Total product size: 2in l x 2in w x 5.75in h

All Vegan Materials Ethically Sourced


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