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Why wait for your birthday to have cake? Take yourself back to a simpler time, when food was unprocessed and ingredients were whole. Indulge in this Limited Edition Birthday Cake Latte from blume, minus the sugar rush or crash. Kid-you will love the nostalgic taste. Grown-up-you will love the maca mood support and that it’s just 1g of sugar right from mama earth.

Tastes Like- A few tasting notes that come to mind are orange, vanilla, and sweet cream but honestly… it tastes just like cake! Don’t worry it isn’t too sweet.

To Use- Stir together 1 tsp of the blend and a splash of hot water. Sweeten to taste as desired (we like maple syrup). Add a shot of espresso for an extra boost if that’s your style. For a hot bevvy, add a cup of warm mylk of choice, and stir or froth. For iced, pour over ice and top with cold mylk of choice. Enjoy! Blend with a traditional Bamboo Whisk or a handy frother!

Size- 100g = 21 lattes


Coconut Milk Powder* (Coconut Milk*, Tapioca Maltodextrin*), Coconut Sugar*, Vanilla Flavor*, Beetroot Powder*, Acacia Fiber*, Maca Powder*, Cardamom Powder*, Cinnamon Powder*, Nutmeg Powder*.

Contains: Coconut.


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