Animal Essentials Liver Defense


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Does your fur bestie need a detox? If so, Animal Essentials Liver Defense is designed to stimulate and support liver function in your dog or cat. This formula features certified organic herbs like the dandelion root and leaf, and milk thistle seed. Dandelion for dogs has been known to support liver and digestion to maintain optimal detoxification and waste elimination. Milk thistle supports your pet’s liver against harmful toxins. Combining these two ingredients creates the perfect liver supplement for dogs and cats. Liver Defense contains larger amounts of milk thistle and dandelion than the Detox Blend for stronger activity.

To Use- Squirt directly into mouth or add to food or water, 1-2 times daily.

Size- 1 oz

Active Ingredients- A Proprietary Blend containing extracts of: Milk thistle seed, Dandelion root & leaf

Inactive Ingredients- Vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water, grain alcohol USP 20% by volume


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