Aleavia Body Cleanse in Orchid- Travel Size

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This body cleanse will gently remove dirt, toxins, and excess oil on your skin’s surface, while feeding your skin’s good bacteria and preserving your skin’s natural protectants. Aleavia’s brand new Orchid Body Cleanse is formulated using Orchid oil which has been used for centuries in Asia for its reparative and protective properties and on top of that, smells like a dream! Often considered the “perfect plant” for the skin, orchid oil is rich with minerals that exist naturally in the skin such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

Smells Like- Fresh and floral orchids.

Best Uses-

  • As a full-body cleanser for silky soft skin
  • As a shampoo and facial cleanser
  • To stabilize pH and eliminate body odor
  • To help reduce fresh burns and scars
  • To help eliminate body eczema, keratosis, and psoriasis
  • Reduce sun spots

Volume- 2 oz.

Filtered Water, Cold Pressed Orchid Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Dead Sea salt, Acadian Sea Kelp, Citric Acid, Plant Glycerin


1 review for Aleavia Body Cleanse in Orchid- Travel Size

  1. Erica Davis

    Love having clean beauty travel size items available! Shipping is so fast and perfect for vacation!

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