Adored Beast Your Go 2


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Looking to add to your pet’s first aid cabinet? If so this is the ultimate pet first-aid homeopathic remedy from Adored Beast to address pain, shock, trauma, fever, disease, inflammation, and more. This can be used at the first sign of any trauma, injury or fever, simply spray 2 pumps into your pet’s mouth and let the homeopathic ingredients get to work!

Dosing- One dose = 2 pumps

  • Give one dose or 2 pumps directly in the mouth at the first sign of any of the stated situations trauma, injury, shock, fever, GI upset, or inflammation.
  • Give one dose each half-hour thereafter for 2 more doses then every 2 hours for 2 more doses. If your animal has steady improvement, one dose can be given 3 times per day for 1-3 days if needed.

If at any time your animal is not improving or is getting worse, seek veterinarian advice.

Homeopathic Arnica 200c
Homeopathic Aconite 200c
Prepared in a 13% alcohol base


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