TreceCielos Suck It up Straw & Leather Case in Pink + White


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Did you know plastic straws can melt toxins into your hot drink? These reusable crystal bent glass drinking straws from TreceCielos are so cool, stylish, and very sturdy. After a few months of use, they still look brand new. Misha Kahn’s Suck It Up Glass Straws are bright and eccentric, ranging in colors, shapes, and patterns. Each straw comes in a chartreuse leather holding case, making it easy to carry around your everyday life. Each glass straw is handmade and hand-painted in Turkey. Artist’s signature engraved.  The case has a magnetic closure and looks extremely elegant. Also comes with a cleaner which is extra convenient!

Color- Pink + White

Size- 1 Single Straw + Portable Case + Special Brush.

Composition- Broscillate glass.



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