The Wilderness Maven Black Drawing Salve

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Drawing salves have been traditionally used to help draw foreign objects, like splinters, out from the skin. The right combination of herbs, activated charcoal, and natural clay bodies function to draw things out from the body. Not only is it the best thing to have on hand for splinters, but it also works to draw out pathogens from insect bites, glass fragments, boils, ticks, and minor infections. This salve from The Wilderness Maven also includes antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic herbs to help soothe skin and prevent infection at the site.

To Use- Simply apply this salve directly to the skin, place a bandage over the site, and let it work its magic. Generally, foreign bodies will be drawn out in 12-18 hours.

Size- 1 oz

Castor Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Fuller’s Earth Clay, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, Beeswax*, Lavender Flowers and Oil*, Yarrow Flowers and Leaves*, Rosemary Leaves and Oil*, St. John’s Wort Flowers**, Plantain Herb**, Tea Tree Oil*

1 review for The Wilderness Maven Black Drawing Salve

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    cristina.professional (verified owner)

    I need to use this a little more. I have a lot of issues with m skin I dont feel this worked great on acne spots or larger bumps/ ingrown areas. I need to try it for that more. But I will say it works amazing on bug bites. If that what you want it for this is the right product. I used this on myself for a horrible Minnesotan masquito season and it was a savior. My mom also got stung by a hornet and it actually made her physically sick, as soon as I put this stuff on her within a day or two she was feeling better and said it was itching like crazy so clearly pulling the venom out. Will continue to use. Dont love that it doesn’t dry hard. You’ll need to keep reapplying it so you dont accidentally wipe it off which in some areas is pretty impossible to do but its a good product for being organic and non toxic

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