The Skinny Confidential Hot Shave Razor


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A refillable razor designed by The Skinny Confidential for women’s faces that gently removes unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. Complete with an easy-to-use and comfortable handle, as well as a conveniently placed finger divot for better grip and easy control, this is not your average face razor.


  • Removes dead skin cells and gently exfoliates your skin, giving you a dewy, radiant glow.
  • Helps your skincare products absorb deeper into the skin, resulting in a healthier, happier complexion.
  • Improves skin texture for more youthful-looking skin.
  • Creates the smoothest canvas for your makeup.

To Use- Pre-shave: cleanse your face and pat dry. Ensure your skin is pulled taut and your razor is angled at 45 degrees, then start shaving downward in short, gentle strokes. Be mindful not to drag it against your skin. Post-shave: after rinsing thoroughly, cool and tighten your skin post-shaving with the Hot Mess Ice Roller. Then apply Ice Queen Face Oil to restore hydration and nourish your skin.


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