Queen of the Thrones Organic Castor Oil Roll-On


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Your Castor Oil practice just got even easier! Your favorite Queen of the Thrones Organic Golden Castor Oil now comes in an easy-application roll-on. Bottled in amber glass with a rose quartz roller that easily glides across your skin, so you can evenly distribute Castor Oil with less mess! Rose quartz is naturally charged with piezoelectricity, which may help amplify the nutritive properties of Castor Oil while supporting the heart chakra. This is my all-time favorite way to apply my castor oil, and it’s refillable! Simply pop off the top and refill with more as needed.

To Use-

  • Gently massage onto your skin, hair, and nails.
  • Use with your favorite Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs daily.
  • Apply to your skin before using a Dry Brush or Body Roller.
  • Use it as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oils (DO NOT use near your eyes if you’re combining with essential oils!).

Size- 50mL / 1.7 oz

100% Organic Castor Oil


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