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Hydrosols are the aromatic remains following a plant’s steam distillation process. They consist entirely of cellular botanical water, which includes unique water-loving (hydrophilic) compounds that provide each hydrosol with distinct characteristics and benefits. While sharing many commonalities with their essential oil counterpart, their molecular makeup is unique enough that hydrosols often have very different aromatic profiles compared to the oil. This hydrosol from Plant Therapy is distilled from the flowers of the Calendula officinalis plant. Calendula Hydrosol is a delicately sweet and warm smelling hydrosol with a long history of traditionally being used to promote healthy skin by helping soothe blemishes and irritation. Use as a rejuvenating facial toner to support radiant-looking skin. It is also wonderfully gentle on delicate skin, making it an excellent choice for babies to help calm red, irritated skin. Calendula Hydrosol can also be added to a bath to help with occasional aches and pains from overexertion. You may see some flower in your hydrosol. Rest assured this is a completely natural byproduct of this hydrosol and nothing to be concerned about.

To Use-To help calm irritated, dry, or itchy skin, spray the hydrosol directly onto the area(s) of concern or soak a cotton round or clean cloth in the hydrosol and apply where needed. Remove makeup or clean skin by first massaging your favorite carrier oil gently onto your face. Add the hydrosol to a cotton round and wipe away the oil, makeup, and other impurities, while helping to refresh and tone. Spray onto bedding and linens to promote calmness.

Size-  4 oz

Calendula Officinalis Flower Water*, Aqua (Water), p-Anisic Acid, Polylysine, Glycerin, Lactic Acid

*Organic Ingredient


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