Organic Bunny White Sage & Selenite Bouquet


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Because I am a huge believer in the magic of sage, I am super excited to announce my very own Organic Bunny collection of hand-made sage smudging sticks! Burning sage is an ancient spiritual ritual designed to rid you or your space of negativity, but it’s also well-known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties which is why many believe that it helps clear out impurities and pathogens as well. Whenever I am feeling heavy or in need of an energy reset, I love reaching for my sage as it always leaves me feeling lighter and more renewed after each use.

Featuring- White Sage + White Selenite crystal bundle with a dried keepsake flower bouquet. Wrapped with recycled hand-dyed silk ribbon and love.

Best For- Healing, wisdom, clarity, clearing out negative or evil spirits & resetting your space with positive energy!

To Use- We always suggest removing all people and pets from the room before you sage. You also want to make sure a window is open to release all negativity from the home. Before you begin, you will want to set your intentions. For example, if you moved into a new home, your intentions may be to remove all energy from the home, both good and bad, to reset it for yourself. Your intention would be to clear out any lingering energy that can no longer reside there.

Next, untie your bundle and remove all decorative ribbon, leaving the thin white string that holds the sage and flowers together. Grab a match and light just the tip of your sage stick. I let it burn for about 20 seconds and then blow it out by waving it in the air. While the smoke is still lingering, you can walk around the space from corner to corner letting the smoke hit all walls and corners of the space.

Once your space is cleared and the smoke swirls out the windows, you are left with a refreshed and new safe space. Be sure to only burn sage when you want to clear out ALL energy from your space and do a full reset. Unlike Palo Santo, Sage is for clearing out everything so it’s more of a hard reset whereas Palo Santo clears out only bad energy. When you are done, do NOT put it out with water, instead place it in a glass jar or fireproof container to extinguish!

When To Sage- Moving into a new home, office, or any space someone else was in before you. When you want an overall reset of energy. When someone moves out of your home or when the energy of your space feels loud or hectic.

Size- One Stick, Approx. 7″.


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