Organic Bunny Palo Santo


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Got bad vibes circulating your space? If so, pick up a piece of this ethically-harvested Palo Santo to cleanse out evil spirits and misfortune! Palo Santo has been used for centuries, dating all the way back to the Incan era where it was used in rituals & ceremonies throughout Amazonia. The magical Palo Santo tree grows wild in Ecuador, Peru & parts of Mexico, often referred to as “holy wood” for the belief that it can restore your physical & energetic energy! To ensure you respect this tree, you must only use Palo Santo from properly harvested, already fallen trees which is what you will find here in your Organic Bunny Palo Santo Box! It also comes packed in a cute, travel, and eco-friendly paper box!

To Use- Make sure your space is well ventilated for your own safety and to ensure all negative vibes have a way to exit. Light your Palo Santo with a match, never a butane lighter, for 30 seconds, and then blow out. Let the smoke circulate for 1-2 minutes to clear your space of negative energy. For the best results, we like to set a positive intention before starting as this process is greatly intentional, beyond the physical smoke. Place on one of our dishes found here.

Best For- Welcoming positive energy in, enhancing creativity & grounding.

Size- About 5-6 sticks per box, ethically sourced from Ecuador.

Ecuadorian Palo Santo ethically-sourced from already fallen trees.


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