Ollois Homeopathic Tablets in Jetzone: Jet Lag Prevention


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Homeopathy is a medical system built upon the idea that the body can heal itself by using small amounts of natural plants or minerals to inspire healing. In Homeopathy, the belief is also that like cures like so what can make us sick, in tiny doses can also encourage our body to heal by triggering our natural defense system to get to healing. It is also believed that the smaller the dose, the more effective the treatment. Simply choose the remedy that best suits you or your pet’s symptoms and then, begin treatment. Homeopathy can be used to treat allergies, depression, headaches, IBS, PMS, cuts or scrapes, oral pain, nausea, colds and so much more in both people and animals. This remedy from Olloïs was developed for those traveling across time zones, frequent flyers, flight attendants & pilots alike, formulated to help prevent jet lag symptoms as it can easily be taken with you where ever you go. Comes in individual blister packs to maintain optimal freshness and effectiveness unlike competing products. One box is all you need! Just take as instructed to help reduce or remove the symptoms commonly associated with jet lag.

To Use- Chew one tablet, up to one hour prior to every takeoff. Chew one tablet approximately every 2 hours and one within 1 hour of each landing. No need to wake up if you are asleep; get your rest and continue with the tablets when you wake up.

Size- 30 ct.

*Disclaimer- Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated. Not guaranteed to be effective. A homeopathic dilution may not be susceptible to scientific measurement.

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