Ever Eco Reusable Nut Milk Bag


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Nothing beats making fresh nut milk at home which is why I knew I wanted to include these mesh nut milk bags in the Organic Bunny store! To use this, simply soak Organic, Raw nuts overnight. Rinse them well and then add new, fresh water back in a blender with the soaked nuts. Blend. Now, take this bag to strain any thick pieces and voila! You are left with fresh, homemade nut milk!

To Use- Use your bag for nut and seed milk, cold brew coffee, cashew cheese, straining juice or kefir, sprouting and more!

  • Large 30 x 30cm size
  • Commercial quality
  • Made from FDA approved, BPA-free nylon
  • Ultra-fine mesh creates smooth, pulp-free nut milk


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