LUMION Oxygen Mist- Mini


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Face mists are pretty common these days, but this Oxygen Mist by LUMION is anything but common! With just three ingredients, cleansing Hypochlorous Acid, moisturizing Oxygen, and balancing Dead Sea Salts, this mist is perfect for those looking to rid their skin of daily toxins or to accelerate healing of the skin! When you see the ingredient Hypochlorous Acid, did you know that it naturally occurs in humans to help us naturally break down infections?

When utilized outside of the human body, Hypochlorous Acid performs in a very similar way, destroying the cell membranes of harmful bacteria and toxins that sit on our skin or around us. Besides riding the skin of irritating toxins, Hypochlorous Acid has also been known to protect against environmental aggressors and reverse signs of epidermal aging, all while both cleansing and healing the skin!

To Use- Simply spritz, smile + repeat as needed. I am obsessed with taking this mist while traveling, goodbye dirty plane air! After working out to cleanse the pores quickly, to set my makeup, after I’ve had too much sun and whenever my skin is simply not feeling its best, spritz!

Size- 1 oz | 30 mL

Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water, Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salts), Hypochlorous Acid.


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