Living Libations Poetic Pits in Petal


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Defying commercial deodorants everywhere, Poetic Pits from Living Libations is a 100% natural, organic deodorant made with elixir essential oils including sandalwood, lavender, ylang, and chamomile. Each petal essence quivers in perfect balance, creating a poignant poem garden of nourishing underarm charm. Poetic Pits works with your unique personal scent to unleash an aroma of underarm charm that is uniquely you.

Scent- Petal has notes of sandalwood, lavender, ylang, and chamomile.

To Use- Swipe once to charm each underarm.

Size- 5ml

Sandalwood Oil – Santalum Album, Ylang – Cananga Odorata, Lavender – Lavandula Angustifolia, Chamomile – Anthemis Nobilis, Balsam Amyris – Amyris Balsamifera


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