La Gotta Hair Comb in Clear Quartz


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Comb your stress away with the ultimate feel-good luxury haircare tool from La Gotta. This handmade Clear Quartz comb will elevate your self-care ritual as you detangle your hair and stimulate your scalp for hair growth. Inspired by the traditional Chinese Medicine ritual and is made with 100% clear quartz. It can be used on dry and is suitable for all types of hair. Due to the natural formations of the white quartz, each handcrafted comb is unique to you. Each comb comes with its own pouch for storage.

To Use- Comb through your hair to smooth and detangle. Gently work across the scalp to promote increased scalp circulation. Complement the process with any of the Organic Bunny approved Hair Oils. Store your comb after each use since quartz is naturally fragile.

Care- Use a gentle soap with warm water. Dry thoroughly. This gemstone hair comb is delicate, being made out of natural stone, so be sure to handle it carefully. Store your hair comb after each use.


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