Huella “The Prep Ahead” Strengthening Nail Prep


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Ready to completely improve your manicure?? THE PREP AHEAD from Huella is an innovative, fast-evaporating nail prep formula that removes dirt, oil, and residue from nails. Use prior to polishing to gently dehydrate the natural nail surface while allowing the lacquer to adhere to the nail resulting in a longer-lasting mani.

Key Ingredients-

  • Biotin – Improves nail strength and health while helping to reduce splitting and breaking of brittle nails.
  • Calcium Pantothenate – Known as Vitamin B5, stimulates growth and reproduction while improving the flexibility and strength of nails.

To Use- Roll bottle of lacquer with hands before use. Apply a thin layer of The Prep Ahead to gently dehydrate the natural nail surface, increasing color adhesion. Then apply a thin layer of Base Coat to increase color adhesion and protect your nails. Wait until dry. Apply 2 thin layers of your desired nail lacquer color, making sure to seal the edge of your fingertips on every single layer. Let each layer dry before applying the next, about 1 additional minute after painting your last nail. Apply 1 layer of Top Coat making sure to seal the surface and edge of the nail to prevent chipping. Enjoy your new manicure for days with this chip-resistant and long-lasting formula! When you are ready for a change, simply wipe away the color with a polish remover.

Works Best With-Base Coat + Top Coat

Size- 12mL | .40oz

Ethyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Biotin, Calcium Pantothenate


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