Honey Belle DIY Mask in Charcoal Cardamom


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Want to improve your complexion and have younger looking skin? Check out this DIY mask from Honey Belle. Absorbing those deeply-rooted toxins, this mask helps with signs of aging and soothe problem skin.

To Use- Mix in a Mixing Bowl and apply with a Mask BrushDo a spot treatment on problem skin! Leave the mask overnight as a spot treatment for extra stubborn problem skin. Get creative and mask the day away! Some ideas for liquid include: water, milk, yogurt, honey, apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, rose water, lavender water, tea tree water etc.

Size- 2oz. | 60g

Bentonite Clay, Activated Carbon (Charcoal), Elettaria Cardamomum* (Cardamom Seed), Love.

*Organic Ingredients


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