Hidden Forest Naturals Crystal Bath Soak in Citrine

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Time for an elevated bath experience with the spirit of abundance! This bath soak is handcrafted by Hidden Forest Naturals to fill your tub with abundant joy, abundant healthy, and abundant love. The Citrine Crystal is the magnet for manifesting the abundance we seek This bath soak is made with ingredients to align ourselves with our true desires. Packaged in a cloudy glass bottle ready for gift-giving!

To Use- Drop this citrine-infused bath soak into the bath and let your energy blocks dissolve away.

Size- 4 oz.

Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom) Salt, Plant Colorant, Lemon Essential Oil, Citrine Energy Infusion

Vegan. Labia Safe. Synthetic Dye & Fragrance-Free

Made in United States


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