Hidden Forest Naturals Crystal Bath Soak in Celestine

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Time for an elevated bath experience with the spirit of peace! This bath soak is handcrafted by Hidden Forest Naturals to fill your tub with divine goodness. Pour this tight body & muscle soothing soak it into your bath and dip your body and mind into a place of peace, relaxing every muscle and releasing all the monkey mind thoughts. Feel weightless and supported by the soak, the peace and the warm water…give yourself plenty of time  to feel fully restored. Packaged in a cloudy glass bottle ready for gift-giving!

To Use- Uncork and inhale the scent of vanilla. Pour this crystal magic into the bath allow your body to drop into meditation and release all the dull tired thoughts. Relax in that delicious warm bath water, be ready to exit glowing a little bit more than before.

Size- 4 oz.

Epsom Salt, Litsea Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Mica.

Vegan. Labia Safe. Synthetic Dye & Fragrance-Free

Made in United States


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