Haiku Lane Luna Ear Jackets in Aquamarine


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Nothing is more timeless than the combination of gemstones with a sparkly halo. These Luna Ear Jackets from Haiku Lane Jewelry are the perfect elegant addition to your look. These Aquamarine gemstones are paired with 14 karat Gold Vermeil and a circle of Cubic Zirconia Crystals. All Haiku Lane Jewelry is nickel and lead free.

Care- Because of the delicate nature of jewelry, please be mindful of how you wear your pieces and store them. When you are not wearing your jewelry, we recommend that you store your pieces in an enclosed jewelry box or airtight bag to keep them from the exposure of the outside elements.

Standard Rules of Thumb-

  • 1- Don’t wear jewelry & accessories in water
  • 2- remove before going to sleep
  • 3- Don’t leave in extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • 4- store in an air tight container or plastic bag since air can oxidize jewelry

*Perfumes & lotions may wear down the plating on your jewelry. Please apply these products before putting on your pieces.


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