Lenny & Eva Gemstone Bracelet in Labradorite


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Wear this bracelet from Lenny & Eva as a reminder you can achieve your dreams! Harness your creative energy, tap into your own ingenuity, and accomplish great things with labradorite. Designed using natural, semi-precious stones, free from dyes, these bracelets stretch to fit most wrists. Bracelets arrive packaged gift-ready on signature story cards, highlighting the properties of the stone you’ve chosen. Buy a few a wear in a stack!

Labradorite- The dreamer’s stone. For transformation, promoting psychic abilities, strengthening our will, & calming. Chakras – Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra.

Size- Stretches to fit most wrists. Gemstones on this bracelet are 4mm in size. In photos, this is the smallest sized bead option.

Handmade with love in Tennessee.


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