Friendsheep Eco Garland in Red Valentine


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Bring a whimsical feel to your home with these adorable eco garlands from Friendsheep. Hand-made for fair wages from cruelty-free wool and unbleached cotton thread, these forever reusable eco garlands are beautiful and gentle on the planet with loops at their ends and are easy to hang on doors, windows, a baby nursery, or the kid’s room. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to diffuse and add on to the magic!

Style- Red Valentine

Size- Large: 75x 2.5cm wool balls on a 21′ long cotton string. Garland is 6′ with no space between the beads, up to 21′ if the beads are spaced 2″ apart. Can be cut in half to create two 10.5′ garlands.

Made in Nepal


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