Fontana Candle Co. Candle in Blue Tansy & Bergamot


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Finally! Clean and cozy candles you can feel good using in your home, made by Fontana Candle Co.! As this candle burns, the melted wax pool turns a lovely green for a visual surprise that complements its floral, citrus, and slightly minty scent.

All sizes contain a single wooden wick that crackles when it burns.

Burn Time-

  • 4 oz is a small jar that will burn for 20 hours.

Scent- Essential oil candles have a very light scent when burned. Please do not expect it to fill a room with scent.

Blue Tansy oil: TANACETUM ANNUUM (steam distilled), Bergamot Mint: MENTHA CITRATA (steam distilled).



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