Cardea AuSet Mineral Soak in SEA


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Composed of rich sea salts responsibly sourced from the Dead Sea and dried rose petals, SEA Mineral Soak from Cardea AuSet offers an elevated and incredibly soothing bathing experience. This potent blend of ingredients nourishes and supports the skin with vital minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and selenium. This soak is ideal for soothing tired, aching muscles, stimulating circulation, and boosting your body’s natural hydration levels.

To Use-Add one large scoop of SEA under warm, running water in the bath. Soak to your body’s content until it feels soothed and relaxed. For an additional restorative boost, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. We love eucalyptus and jasmine for its delicate scent and relaxation benefits.

Size- 8.12 oz | 240g

Himalayan Sea Salt (sel de l’Himalaya), Dead Sea Salt (sel de la mer morte), and Rose Petals (pétales de roses)


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