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Are you ready for your favorite cookie in a cup? I love gingerbread anything, and this blend by blume does not disappoint! Sweet and spicy, not naughty, just nice. Keeping your body warm and your tummy happy, this blend is naturally sweetened with date powder and lucuma for a daily cup of deliciousness all winter long. Pair with a shot of espresso or enjoy caffeine-free.

Tastes Like- Tastes like a gingerbread cookie and smells like nostalgia. Control your sweetness with your fave natural option – we love maple syrup for this one! PS. A little sediment is normal with all-natural ingredients!

To Use- Stir together 1 tsp of the blend and a splash of hot water. Sweeten to taste as desired (we like maple syrup). Add a shot of espresso for an extra boost if that’s your style. For a hot bevvy, add a cup of warm mylk of choice, and stir or froth. For iced, pour over ice and top with cold mylk of choice. Enjoy! Blend with a traditional Bamboo Whisk or a handy frother!

Size- 100g = 30 lattes


Mesquite powder*, Lucuma powder*, Molasses powder*, Ginger root powder*, Cinnamon powder*, Date powder*, Allspice powder*, Ground cloves*.


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