Battington 3D Silk Lashes in Ahmana


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For those wanting to add some major volume, these multi-layered 3D Battington Lashes are my personal faves! It comes in four pieces for an easy customizable application. Not only are these very high-end, professional lashes, they’re made entirely from handmade, cruelty-free, ethically sourced silk which makes them extremely durable, I’m talkin’ up to 25 uses per pair! To get the most from your lashes, make sure to remove all glue after use, storing them in their reusable box whenever not in use.

Style- This 3D lash style is a little more dramatic and mimics the growth structure of your lashes for the ultimate in natural glamour! It comes in four pieces for easy application. Mix-and-match the different pieces for one-of-a-kind voluminous lashes!

To Use- Give your lashes a quick curl with your favorite lash curler to ensure all lashes are curled cohesively. Remove the first lash and temporarily place it along your lash line to ensure it’s not too long. Often times, fake lashes are too long for the average eye so you will want to trim a bit off to allow for the proper fit. Apply a light coat of your mascara and then apply your lash glue to the lashes. Once glue has dried a bit (30-45 seconds) I then take tweezers to pick up the lash and strategically place it on my lash line. These should apply as close to your lash line as possible, never on your actual skin! Hold lashes firmly in place with tweezers, gently pressing down both ends until they’re set.

Made from 100% Natural, Cruelty-Free, Ethically Sourced Silk.


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