annmarie Mask Treatment Bowl & Applicator Brush


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For the most luxurious mask treatment experience, take a look at the signature Mask Treatment Bowl & Applicator Brush from annmarie. A one-of-a-kind bowl made by a local pottery artist in Berkeley, CA. Each Mask Treatment Bowl is packaged in a gift box, finished off with attaching an Applicator Brush. This signature Applicator Brush is made from vegan materials and has a fan shape to allow for smooth and easy application of your treatment masks.

To Use-This is the perfect addition to any powdered treatments. Simply mix per the directions.

Size- Bowl (this will vary slightly between each bowl)- Just over 3″ wide X 2″ tall | Brush- 6.75″ long X .25″ wide | Bristles- 1.25″ long X just over 2″ wide


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