annmarie Lotus Wood Exfoliating Brush


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These face brushes from annmarie have soft bristles that are perfect for cleaning the delicate skin on your cheeks, chin, and forehead. You can use them to massage in your cleansers and slough off your face masks. Face brushing helps you really massage your cleanser in, giving your pores a thorough clean and a bit of exfoliation.

To Use- Pump your cleanser directly onto your face brush, add a little bit of water, then use it to massage the product into your cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. Alternatively, you can put the product onto your skin instead of directly onto the brush. After you’ve worked the product into your skin, rinse if off with water as you normally would. When ready to remove the mask, use the face brush to slough it off gently.

To Care- Each time you use your face brush, you’ll want to wash it with hot water. Dry it thoroughly and put it away to avoid moisture and humid environments. Once or twice a week, you can clean it with a stronger cleaning solution of your choice. If used regularly, we recommend replacing it every three months.

The nylon bristles are gentle as well as cruelty-free. Over time, as you use your brush, you’ll notice that the bristles will get even softer.


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