Among The Flowers Earthen Makeup Set


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A set of the five, half ounce earth pigment makeup sticks from Among The Flowers. A perfect way to blend together the beautiful colors nature provides to create your own palette.

Colors- Lip + Cheek Tints-

  • Beetroot: A deep, merlot color with a rich tint.
  • Rose Clay + Carrot: An auburn, dusty rose color.
  • Hibiscus Petal: A muted, pale pink blush color.

Highlight + Lowlight Sticks-

  • Prism: A creamy highlight color to add a glowing dewy appearance to cheekbones, collar bones, or brow bones.
  • Twilight: A glowing bronze color, perfect for adding a sheen to daytime or night time makeup.

To Use- Lip + Cheek Tints: Dab areas you want a pop of color. Highlight + Lowlight Sticks: Use where you want a bit of shimmer and shine. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Shelf life approximately 1+ year.

Size- Included: 3x Lip + Cheek tints, 1x Prism Highlight stick, and 1x Twilight Lowlight stick. | All five makeup pigments come in a handmade wooden box, with a dried flower bouquet.

Lip + Cheek Tints-

  • Deep Beetroot- Beet Root Infused Ricebran Oil, Beeswax, Iron Oxide, Frankincense And Lemon Essential Oils
  • Hibiscus Petal- Hibiscus Petal Infused Ricebran Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Cedarwood Oil,  Rose Clay, Zinc Oxide
  • Rose Clay- Oils Of Ricebran, Sea Buckthorn, And Frankincense, Beeswax, Kaolinite (Rose Clay), Brazilian Yellow Clay, Zinc Oxide

Highlight + Lowlight Sticks-

  • Prism- Ricebran Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Cedarwood And Orange Essential Oil, White Mica, Kaolinite (Rose Clay)
  • Twilight- Ricebran Oil, Beeswax, Himalayan Cedarwood And Orange Essential Oils, Kaolinite (Rose Clay), Gold Mica, Iron Oxide, Montmorillonite (Green Clay), Asutralian Beige Clay, Coco Powder, Brazilian Yellow Clay


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