Amber Naturalz Pro Tummy Stomach Comfort For Pets

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Is your pet suffering from diarrhea or vomiting or do they get motion sick when traveling? If so, the mess and distress of sudden tummy stress in our pets is no fun. ProTummy from Amber Naturalz is a great all-natural formula designed for the intestinal tract; it can be given daily or when extra help is needed. Occasional discomfort can be related to ingesting something disagreeable. When digestive upset occurs, pets need help fast to aid the normal function of the digestive system. This also supports a healthy appetite and a healthy gut!

ProTummy helps to maintain:

  • Normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Better travel for those prone to motion sickness.
  • Soothing the gut if they want to eat grass.
  • Proper digestion and reducing bloat.
  • Healthy stools.

To Use-


  • Digestion Support: give orally before meals.
  • Occasional Stomach Discomforts: give orally every 15 minutes for the first hour, then every hour until the stomach is calm.
  • For Birds, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs- Add 5-20 drops to every 8oz of drinking water.

Size- 1 oz

Active Ingredients per ml- “Proprietary Blend of (Rosehips, Echinacea Root, Oregon Grape Root,
Goldenseal Root, Peppermint Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, Garlic, Hibiscus Flower) 130 mg”

Inactive Ingredients- Filtered Water, Organic Grain Alcohol USP 19 – 24% by volume

1 review for Amber Naturalz Pro Tummy Stomach Comfort For Pets

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Karrie (verified owner)

    This is a bit of a hassle dosing wise bc you give it so much at first but it did seem to provide both of my dogs relief after drinking out of a natural hot spring and having diarrhea.

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