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Looking to help your pet detox after a round of vaccines? If so, this natural remedy from Adored Beast is designed to be used after vaccinosis to assist in the removal of associated vaccine side effects without removing any of the vaccine benefits. Made with a homeopathic preparation of Thuja and Silicea, this helps to remove the toxins or negative side effects from a recently vaccinated animal. This can be used on both cats and dogs! * Formerly Anti-Vaccinosis

How To-

  • For healthy animals – Give 4 pumps by mouth, twice per day, for 3 days any time after an unavoidable vaccine.
  • For symptomatic animals – Give 4 pumps by mouth twice per day for up to 10 days.
  • For puppies & kittens – Give 2 to 4, 2 for smaller animals and up to 4 for the large and giant breeds, pumps by mouth twice per day for 2 days following an unavoidable vaccine. For very small animals, spray 2 pumps onto a clean spoon, use a needleless syringe to suck it up, and place it inside the cheek to avoid inhalation.

If you see dramatic improvement or worsening of symptoms, stop dosing. You can repeat the cycle once a month to once a week as long as every time you repeat it you are seeing positive results. If you are doing it weekly it should not be repeated for longer than 1 month, then you can go to once per month and again so long as each time your animal is getting better.

Size- 1 oz

A homeopathic blend of Thuja and Silicea (Silica) prepared in a 13% Alcohol base. Thuja Origin: Northern White Cedar/Arbor Vitae/Tree of Life.


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