Kypris Cerulean Mask

After years in the making, this blue beauty is here, and let me tell you, it is magical, I have had it on my skin for about 48 hours straight now! This mask is made for hydrating aka the perfect mask we’ve all been waiting for as most people’s routines are majorly lacking WATER! Made with various unique algae and seaweeds to oxygenate, plum, and hydrate the skin, this mask can basically be worn any time and as often as you want, hello sleeping mask!? I personally love using this before a workout to really keep my skin protected from the elements, all while nourishing it.

I know that people will be a little sticker shocked when learning that this mask is $210 but after learning more about it and trying it, I can honestly say it’s worth trying and so far, my skin has felt so much more healthy and happy, without that super dry feeling I am used to, plus a little goes a longgggg way, this will for sure last several months. Before trying it, I only ordered a few. After trying it, I upped my order by 3, it’s that good and I do think those that can budget it will love it. I can not speak on long-term results but just knowing about the benefits and experiencing it alone, so far I am loving it. I will keep you updated.

Best For-

Those seeking major hydration, calming irritations, soothing after too much sun/snow, protection against pollution, enhanced elasticity, softness, and more.

Smells & Feels Like-

Similar to the Glow Mask but think white gummy bears!

How To Use-

I have been using this non-stop for the last two days as I want it on my skin at all times because it smells so good. I really love that this can be used as often as one wants! I have been sleeping with this on too, simply applying the mask and then my Beauty Elixir III. Check out all of the other ways this can be used!

  • As an intense hydration recovery mask to replenish hydration, soothe irritation, smooth texture, plump, and revive skin’s softness in 20 minutes.
  • As a sleeping mask on its own or in combination with a KYPRIS Beauty Elixir or moisturizer to replenish hydration, soothe the appearance of UV overexposure, revitalize skin’s delicate barrier.
  • As an apres beach or apres ski mask to quench UV over-exposed skin and to soothe weather-worn complexions.
  • Cool mask in the refrigerator for an hour before applying for an ultra-soothing, reinvigorating after-sun masking treat.
  • As a soothing anti-pollution mask that quenches free radicals caused by pollution or city stress.
  • As a deep hydration treatment that supports the appearance of the skin’s density and smoothness.


To learn more or to swoop one, head here.

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  1. Which (if any) of the Kypris products, aside from the body oil and spf contain iris stem cells? I’m amazed by that ingredient! It really plumps up my skin. Thanks!

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