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June 17, 2018

Which Powder Type is Best for You?

Let’s talk powders. What are they? Why do you need one? And which powder will be best for you!? While, of course, you don’t need powder, they sure can be helpful when extending the life of your foundation or for providing additional coverage to your look. Check out a few of my favorites to see which powders I use and when! And yes, I personally own almost every powder below and find myself reaching for different ones per season, day or mood.

Which Powder Is Best For You?

Foundation Powders- Looking for a little more coverage from your powder? If so, these are my faves for exactly that! These powders can be worn alone or over your liquid foundations for added coverage. This is my most

Oil Absorbing Powders- Do you love a more matte look to your foundation? If so, you will want a powder that is made to absorb excess shine, leaving you with a more powdery finish. I personally can get a little oily in my forehead, nose and chin so when I want to keep these areas more polished and dew-free, I find myself reaching for a powder made to soak up oils.

Finishing Powders- Do you want a powder that provides a little bit of coverage and a little bit of oil control? Here are my favorite powders that will set your makeup flawlessly to keep oil away and your complexion looking fab!

Luminous Setting Powders- Some days, I really want a more glowy, illuminated yet natural finish to my makeup which is when I will reach for an illuminating setting powder. All of the above powders have a very matte finish meaning there is no pearl effect at all. When I say pearl-effect, I do not mean sparkle or shimmer. Pearl means just a very illuminated, glowy, airbrushed and smooth finish which is so pretty over foundation!

Color Correcting Powders- Find yourself running rosy or discolored? Check out these powders that will work hard to correct any color imbalances you may have! These are great when worn alone but can also be used under your other foundations first, to correct.

SPF Powder- Want to finish off your makeup with a setting powder, complete with SPF30? Give this Brush on Block powder a try! Available in both tinted and translucent, this provides a flawless finish to your look all while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays with a clean, non-nano form of SPF!

Custom Consultation-

And, there you have it! A breakdown comparison of every powder I carry and when I find myself reaching for them! Still not sure which powder will work best for you? Shoot us an email and we can help you decide!

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4 thoughts on “Which Powder Type is Best for You?”

  1. Hey Amanda and Alex,

    I think I would like to try Crunchi and Fitglow foundations. You both have been so helpful in the past and I’m pretty sure you have my photo.


  2. I still can’t decide!! I like a more matte finish and I do tend to have more oily skin on my forehead, chin, and nose. I will be using the Fitglow concealer which has great coverage. I also prefer a little more coverage. What would be your suggestion?

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