What’s Really in NARS Lip Gloss?

NARS lipgloss used to be some of my favorite glosses, that was until I learned about what was really inside of them. Several NARS lip glosses contain various chemicals that should never be used! Check out what’s really in these!

What’s Really in NARS Lip Glosses?

  • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate- A known and studied endocrine disruptor that affects estrogen and thyroid activity, with various links to breast cancer. This ingredient should never ever be applied to skin, especially on lips that lead to accidental consumption.
  • Red 30 Lake- A synthetic dye considered to be a Class 3 carcinogen.
  • Polyethylene- A non-biodegradable microplastic. While these glosses are beautiful, you couldn’t pay me to use them anymore, especially knowing there are just as pretty lip glosses on the market without this junk in them.

Some clean lipgloss lines to check out instead: FITGLOW BEAUTY, ILIA Beauty, Vapour Organic Beauty, or Gabriel Cosmetics. Help me spread this info, share this with a friend who could use this info! xo

2 thoughts on “What’s Really in NARS Lip Gloss?

  1. It’s so scary what is put in non-natural make up products! I used to love Nars lip glosses too (as well as MAC), now I wouldn’t touch either with a fifty foot pole! I think the ones you mentioned above are such better quality anyways – I’m especially loving Gabriel Cosmetics lip glosses!!! 🙂 xx

  2. I can’t believe they put such harmful stuff in them! Whatever happened to integrity

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