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Love peonies as much as I do? If so, this Violet Skincare Review is one you won’t want to miss because I finally found an all natural skincare line that actually uses real Peony extract to scent their products! Meet Violet Skin Care, a full range of pure essential oil blends and plant-based fragrance oils derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources! I will start this review off by telling you all about my all time favorite item from this line, their luxurious, ultra-moisturizing White Peony Body Oil!

White Peony Body Oil-

Talk about pure heaven in a bottle, this White Peony Body Oil has to be the most delicious smelling product I have come across thus far! No really, this is the best smelling product I have found to date and my boyfriend even agrees! Wondering what makes it smell and feel so amazing?

Made with Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, White Peony Extract, Coconut Oil, Green Tea Extract, and Bulgarian Rose Oil, this body oil is truly liquid gold. As if the oil alone wasn’t enough, there are also dried Peony petals inside, making the presentation an A+ as well! If you, or anyone you know, is a Peony lover, this body oil is essential!

Radiant Rose Petal Face Oil-

If you’re not a Rose lover, you can skip over this product as this is most definitely only for those that are obsessed with all things Rose! Considering I love Roses, this Radiant Rose Petal Face Oil really is so amazing smelling, I want to slather my entire body in it! Made with Organic Argan Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, Amaranth Oil, Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, and fresh rose petals, this oil nourishes dull and dry skin, all while seducing your senses in the process.

Not only do Bulgarian Roses improve your skin’s tone and texture, they’re an amazing way to naturally scent products! While you can certainly smell a decadent rose aroma, it’s very pleasant to me, never overwhelming! This facial oil is great for anyone looking to smooth out fine lines, improve elasticity, and overall improve your skin tone!

Signature Face Cream-

Love beauty products but not sold on a facial oil? Try this Signature Face Cream instead! While I am a huge lover of facial oils, this face cream is just as amazing! Made with Organic Rice Bran, Rosehip Oil, fresh Honey, Aloe, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter and more, this moisturizer restores, hydrates and nourishes dry, dull skin!

This cream works best for those with normal to dry skin and has a really creamy consistency, leaving your skin super soft and with a gorgeous new glow!

Violet Signature Face Cream

Herbal Face Cream-

For those looking for a less aromatic facial moisturizer, this Herbal Face Cream would be a great option! Made without any floral extracts, this face cream works hard to intensify the skin’s natural metabolic process to rapidly replenish moisture levels of even the driest skin!

Wondering what’s inside this magical moisturizer? Check it out! Organic Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Oil, Borage Oil, Calendula Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Chlorophyll, Eucalyptus and Spearmint Essential Oils! This lotion has a really nice scent thanks to the Eucalyptus which would be great for the men in your life as well!

Honey Jasmine Mask-

Now that we chatted about face moisturizers, now it’s time to talk masks! This Honey Jasmine Mask is yet another amazing smelling product by Violet, as it’s made with Organic Honey, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Apricot Oil, Jasmine, Kaolin and Spring Water! Designed to reduce wrinkles, even out the skin tone, tighten, hydrate, and deeply nourish, this mask is ideal for anyone looking to revive their dry, tired skin this Winter!

This mask can be used 2-3 times per week and is ideal for dry, normal and combo skin!

Violet Honey Jasmine Mask

Royal Eye Cream-

Want to tighten and firm the delicate skin under your eyes? This Royal Eye Cream not only smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet, the Organic Amaranth Oil promotes elasticity to give you revitalized and youthful looking eyes again! Made with just Organic Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Spring Water, Royal Jelly and more, this under eye cream smells amazing and really does keep my under eye area nourished and bright!

Violet Royal Eye Cream

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Overall, the Violet Skin Care line is a really unique line I know my readers would all love and enjoy! I am beyond obsessed with all of her floral items and just had to share in case anyone else out there is as well! To finally be able to find a real Peony body oil was super cool and I hope someone else out there is as excited as I was to find this as well!

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