by theorganicbunny on
February 7, 2019

Valentine’s Day Natural Glam

Happy almost Valentine’s Day bunnies! I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with this holiday and always have been. Even when single, I could not wait to hit up Target’s dollar zone to stock up on all things pink, red and heart shaped! What can I say, I love love. I hope whatever status you are this year, that you have an amazing day with friends, family or even your furry friends. In hopes to get everyone in a more festive mood, I figured why not do a blog on my current faves for Valentine’s Day as well as a breakdown of today’s Instagram tutorial.

If you are just now getting into green beauty, I would suggest emailing us for any color matching needs OR buying a sampler pack like this one by Crunchi! To be professionally color matched by the Organic Bunny esthetician, email us at Please include a clear and quality selfie taken indoors with bare skin, facing a window to see your tones in natural light.

Today’s Products Used-

10 Must-Have Valentine’s Day Items-

If you are a homebody like me and prefer a cozy night or if you plan to head to a fancy dinner date night out, here are some of my current favorite products to pamper you and your lover next week!

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