Tsi-La Organic Perfumes

You know you’ve officially become a glamorous hippie when even your perfumes become organic and, to be honest, I love it! To know that almost everything I put on my skin is 100% natural and organic feels great and leaves me feeling like I am doing the absolute best I can for my health and overall well-being, all without sacrificing my glamorous, girly ways.

Because I love to smell good, what girl doesn’t, I have been on the hunt for organic perfumes over the past month and finally have found a line I really enjoy- meet Tsi-La! Tsi-La’s artisan perfumes are infused with organic herbs, fresh flowers and exotic spices, fortified with a proprietary blend of more than 8 organic super-fruits, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant sterols!

Tsi-La’s Living Flower Organic Perfumes are made from:

  • 100% Flower and Plants
  • Plant Essences And Raw Organic Oils
  • Super-Fruits And Phytonutrients
  • Ultra-Pure Natural Ingredients
  • Vitamins And Minerals
  • Zero Synthetic Chemicals
  • Preservative and Colorant Free

My favorite scents by Tsi-La are:

  • Fleur Sauvage- An alluring and seductive organic floral fragrance with tantalizing tuberose and seductive Jasmine petals.
  • Ilang-Ilang- An exotic and flirtatious fragrance made from sugared citrus fruits, tiare blossom, and lush vanilla orchids to create pure flirtation.
  • Fiori D’Arancio- Delicious and mischievous organic citrus fragrance made from sparkling notes of luscious orange blossoms, juicy tangerines, caramelized vanilla, and playful neroli flowers.
  • L’Absolu Vanille- A warm, seductive blend infused with intoxicating vanilla bourbon, sweet cocoa, Indonesian sandalwood and a touch of caramelized Siam benzoi.

Overall this is an awesome company to support and check out if you are in the market for an organic, safe perfume that smells great, is safe to use and holds up for over 5 hours! Also, you can save 20% off their entire line by using code “Spring20” at checkout.

To see all of their perfumes visit their website here.

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  1. Just this week, was thinking about replenishing my perfumes and thought- this time I’m going natural. I’ll just figure it out! And here is this lovely post, to help. Thank you! XO

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