The Secret Table Event in San Diego

Two years ago I attended the very first Secret Table event here in San Diego and had a blast, which is why I am super excited to be attending this years event on April 4th! I figured this event fits in perfectly with this site, so I wanted to share it here in case anyone local to San Diego would like to attend.

The Secret Table is basically a huge organic dinner party/ mixer, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy organic food and drinks and mingle with like minded individuals, all while supporting local non-profit organizations. This event isn’t advertised too much as the Secret Table prefers to keep a genuine crowd, appealing mostly to San Diego change makers, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, visionaries, food and sustainability experts, science and business leaders, and other individuals working to make our community a more vibrant and prosperous place.

The name Secret Table comes from the concept of the location being kept a secret until the day of the event, so all I know right now is that this year’s event will be at a private location in Ranch Santa Fe, however the photos of the venue look beautiful.

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